GenoPro 3.0

GenoPro is a software program specialized to draw family trees and genograms
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GenoPro is genealogy software. It lets you create family trees. The trees are arranged in a graph-like page.
We can start by adding a member of the family and then go on connecting the rest of them with lines. You can specify whether a person is a wife or a child or other relative. One page is quite big enough to accommodate more than a thousand people. Thus, we must zoom in to read any name. If the page you are working on is not enough, you can add new tabs to the same window and connect them to each other. For example, we can create two families in two tabs and then connect them with the member who is married.

The specialty of the program is the number of features. We can add all the information about a person like his job, his social relationships with the other members, and even how a person is emotionally related to the others by indication of emotions like love, anger, violence, hate, friendship etc.. Pictures of the person can be also added.

I think the program is not that user-friendly. The windows have been designed in a tabbed list box. That makes the navigation very easy. But the zooming is not that smooth. They could have introduced the ‘hand’ tool to easily drag the whole graph. The interface looks old like the Windows 98.

Zack Martin
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